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Eco Repose 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress by the Eco Mattress Store

  • Eco Repose 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress by the Eco Mattress Store

Item Description

Eco Repose 10 Inch Memory Foam MattressEco Repose Eco-friendly memory foam mattress

Eco friendly memory foam mattress

The Eco Repose is the newest offering from the Eco Mattress Store. This eco-friendly memory foam mattress is simply constructed, but offers unparalleled support and outstanding value. By pairing a layer of plant-based memory foam with bio-support foam, you get a mattress that is incredibly supportive yet remains temperature neutral.

New-Improved Upgraded Stretch-Knit Cover

We have upgraded the cover on the Eco Repose memory foam mattress. If you purchased the mattress during our last Groupon promotion, you will find a slightly different, but still excellent stretch-knit cover.


Temperature Neutral Memory Foam

The memory foam in the Eco Repose mattress is made from an extreme open-cell design that allows the mattress to be more inherently breathable than a traditional memory foam mattress. By allowing the memory cell to remain open, the bed is able to quickly and efficiently dissipate the heat and moisture that can build up as you sleep.

Eco Repose Cutaway- internal layers. No need to worry about the mattress sleeping hot

Traditional closed-cell memory foam mattress are overly sensitive to changes in ambient temperature. They will feel very firm when the room is cool and very soft when the room is cold. This heat sensitivity is compounded by the body heat of the sleeper, which will make them sink into the mattress.

Posture-Correct Sleep Support

By yielding just enough the the parts of your body that require support, the Eco Repose mattress encourages proper posture and help you wake feeling more refreshed than ever. The supportive memory foam mattress is also made from a foam compound that is cleaner and does not off-gas.

Fresh Memory Foam Compound

The soy-derived memory mattress also benefits from a non off-gassing design that makes the mattress hypoallergenic. The Eco Repose memory foam mattress is also extremely resistant to dust mite and bed bugs.

Made with a 3-inch layer of soy-based memory foam and a 7-inch layer of fast-response support foam, the Eco Repose will support and conform to you as you sleep.

20 Year Warranty

We're so confident about the new Eco Repose mattress that we've partnered with our manufacturer to offer an industry leading 20-year warranty. Most memory foam mattresses have a 5 - 10 year warranty. The 20 year warranty on the Eco Repose is a sign of the quality of the mattress and the confidence we have in its longevity.

Available Sizes:

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • Cal King

The Eco Repose 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress is not eligible for the 90-day guarantee.

Platform Base will replace both your box spring and bed frame in one solid steel piece.Available Platform / Riser Base:

Get a riser platform and replace both your bed frame and box spring. A platform riser is a great way to support your mattress and create tons of extra storage space under your bed. Click here to see the full product page.

Elevate your bed and create 14 inches of useable storage space!

You won't believe how much space you can recover when you get rid of an antiquated box spring. The platform riser is available with an elegant microfiber cover that makes it look like a traditional box spring.

Platform Riser on sale with our Groupon mattress

Buy the platform riser with the Eco Repose and Save!

  • Twin cover/no cover regular $230/$150, today $180/$130
  • Full cover/no cover regular $250/$160, today $190/$150
  • Queen cover/no cover regular $260/$170, today $210/$160
  • King cover/no cover regular $300/$190, today $240/$170

Platform Riser options:

Cover: Attractive flame resistant microfiber cover. Makes the platform riser look like a traditional frame and box-spring.

Headboard/Footboard Brackets: Use your existing headboard and footboard with the platform riser by including the headboard and footboard brackets. Fits typical headboard bolts positions. Regular price $59.99 on sale today for: $50.00

Storage Bins: Nylon storage bins, mounted on caster wheels allow you to easily slide stored items under your bed and reach them with ease. Regular price $79.99 on sale today for: $60.00

Other Products that are on sale today along with your Groupon Eco Repose Mattress:

Natural Memory Foam Pillow for your Repose MattressMemory Foam Pillow:

This pillow is made from the same plant based memory foam and offers a great compliment to the night of sleep you will get with the Eco Repose mattress. Regular priced: $129.99 on sale today: $50.00. If you add a pillow or pillows to this order we will match the pillow size to the mattress size: Standard pillow for Twin and Full mattresses, Queen pillow for Queen mattress and King pillow for a King mattress.


Pillow Size & Dimensions: Standard (15 x 24 inches), Queen (15 x 28 inches), King (15 x 32 inches)

Organic Cotton mattress protector to guard your new memory foam mattress against spills and accidentsOrganic Mattress Protector:

Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, the protector is a great way to envelop your eco friendly mattress in a fully organic wrapper that will provide you extra peace of mind.

  • Twin Organic Protector regular price $89.99, today $65
  • Full Organic Protector regular price $119.99, today $80
  • Queen Organic Protector regular price $129.99, today $90
  • King Organic Protector regular price $139.99, today $105

Basic Mattress Protector:

The Basic Mattress Protector features the Miracle Membrane, which keeps your mattress free of spills and stains while remaining cool and comfortable to sleep on.

Organic Cotton Sheets for your memory foam mattressOrganic Sheet Set:

A new bed needs new sheets to help you truly appreciate the difference that a new sleep environment can make. You don't want to put you scratchy-threadbare sheets on the delightful new Eco Repose mattress. Made with GOTS certified organic cotton, these sheets (along with a mattress protector) offer a fully organic surface against which you can confidently lie at night.

  • Twin Organic Sheet Set regular price $94.99, today $80
  • Full Organic Sheet Set regular price $114.99, today $90
  • Queen Sheet Set regular price $134.99, today $100
  • King Sheet Set regular price $154.99, today $115


The conventional sheets are available in natural ivory color. Buy either set of sheets with the Eco Repose Memory Foam mattress and save.


Fine Print Section:

Illinois residents will be responsible for 7% sales tax on the Discount Price for the mattress and all accessories.

Any mattress we offer at a promotional price (including the Eco Repose) is ineligible for return or exchange. Only warranty claims will be honored. Promotional price includes any Groupon, Living Social, KGB Deals, Mother's Day Special or any other deep discount Holiday/Event sale pricing.

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